Cahuilla Indians by James  PB

The Cahuilla Indians

By Harry James

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Hardcover: 185 pages
Publisher: Malki-Museum Press (1969)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 9780939046065


“James sympathetically portrays a much maligned people … His dramatic description of their history and culture, their ceremonial life, and their highly poetic and broadly cosmic folklore ably supports his thesis that they are a proud, intelligent people.”
— Montana Magazine

“Harry C. James, who has written many useful books on the Southwest, has had a long time intimacy with the Cahuilla. His present book describes their successful fight for food against desert conditions. Then it goes on to later history under the Spanish and the Americans. For sheer brutality, there seems to have been little to choose between the two. Besides, its general interest, this book should be excellent reading as a supplement to geography and history.”
— Ruth Underhill