Moon Maiden

Menill, The Moon Maiden

By Shannon Mirelez

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Softcover: 26 pages
Publisher: Malki-Ballena Press (2012)
Language: English & Cahuilla
ISBN-13: 9780939046508


The Cahuilla Indians believed that powerful beings called Nukatem were the first to be created. Menill the moon maiden was one of them.

The Moon Maiden legend is important to the Cahuilla people because she is a mother figure who taught her adopted children the lessons they needed for their health, well-being, and survival. Her story teaches us important lessons about educating and teaching our children.

"I was inspired to make this book because I admire Menill as a role model who is caring, good, kind, and always giving. Each Cahuilla clan tells their own version of the moon maiden story and some are not appropriate for children. This is the version from my great-grandmother, Ruby Modesto. Ruby embodied the moon maiden spirit and I dedicate this book to all of her children."

About the Author

Shannon Michelle Mirelez was born of mixed white and Cahuilla nationality. Her father was a member of the Torres-Martinez desert band of Cahuilla Indians. Her great-grandmother, Ruby Modesto, played an important role in educating and preserving the native culture. Shannon was not raised on the reservation and not exposed to the Cahuilla culture until after her father and great- grandmother passed away. Therefore the ancient stories and lessons are very valuable to her. This book is a result of her work in education and preservation of Cahuilla culture. Shannon Mirelez studied art at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. She now lives with her children in the Coachella Valley, not too far from where her father's people inhabited the land for thousands of years.